What to wear

It is never too early to start thinking about what you and your family will wear during our time together.

The last thing you want to do is scramble at the last minute to get outfits together. With a little thought and planning, it can be a stress free process! Below you will find some helpful tips for choosing the perfect outfits.

Dress your family like you do on a typical day

This may seem like a "no-brainer", but I've had many clients say they felt the need to dress up for their session. This is certainly not the case. Comfort is key! If your little one hates jeans, please don’t make him wear them. If your husband’s summer attire is polo shirts and khaki shorts, just roll with it. You will find that the the images will look more authentic and your family will feel more comfortable during the session. Be sure to have a dress rehearsal to be sure everything fits!

Choose pieces that coordinate

It can be tempting to match everyone in identical outfits (especially along gender lines), but I discourage this because it can make the final images look a little “stiff.” By choosing a color palette that you love and dressing everyone around it, you will create a family that looks like they belong together while still celebrating everyone’s uniqueness. Plus, color coordinating will hide any individual article of clothing that isn’t “perfect” to you. I suggest picking 2 main colors and one color that pops! Colors can be coordinating, similar, or in the same color family.

Layers and accessories are your friend! 

Accessories!! Yes, ladies...jewelry! Such an amazing way to dress up any outfit and add that pop of color I mentioned above!!

Wearing layers can really add something more to your photos, too. You can use a scarf, blazer, or vest.  Not only will wearing layers make it easier to create each outfit, but they will allow you some flexibility with the unpredictable weather that Virginia is known for. In addition, layers will allow you to add variety to your images without having to change clothes mid-session. At the last session for my family, I had a sweater and scarf on hand. Our final images have different looks to them using those two pieces alone!


Lastly, think about how will your images be displayed? 

Think about the main reason you are having your session. For instance, If its for holiday cards, you may want to dress in holiday colors or seasonal clothing. If you'd like the images from your session to be displayed in a particular room in your home, pick colors that coordinate with your decor. 

Mawyer 2017-10.jpg

Check out some families that really got it right...

Looking for more information on coordinating colors?

Check out Design Seed ~ a fabulous website where you can search colors by theme and view similar colors! So fun!!!

I've also created a  PINTEREST STYLE BOARD for outfit ideas!


 Email me if you've got questions or just need to bounce some ideas off someone else. I am more than happy to help in any way I can!

Can't wait to see you at our session!