The Studio

I am so excited you've decided on a Studio session!

Although, I love sessions that are outdoors or at home, the studio is an amazing space for babies and children. I can control the light, the temperature, and I have easy access to all of my props!

Ginny O. Photography Studio-5.jpg
Ginny O. Photography Studio.jpg

One of the best things about a studio session is that you will have access to all of my props! I have hats, headbands, wraps, buckets, and baskets in various colors and sizes. As we get closer to your due date, I will send you a questionnaire where you can request certain colors and props.  This will help me prep several options before you arrive.  If something catches your eye once you are in the studio, we can always change it up. 

Ginny O. Photography Studio-6.jpg

I love that the studio is in my home. It is a quaint and relaxed atmosphere, where we can chat and get to know one another while I shoot. There is a playroom in the next room for your little one's to use and I will have coffee brewing when you arrive!