How to prepare...

Pregnancy is an emotional and completely euphoric time!  I have two girls and I can clearly remember how exciting it was. Sometimes uncharted territory can be a little scary and with a newborn session coming up, you may be feeling confused about what you need to do to get ready. 

I will send a reminder email with tricks & tips as you get closer to your due date! So, no need to remember every bit of this right now.



Catching some Zzzz's

A well fed baby is a happy, sleepy baby!

If you live near my studio, you can plan to feed your little one before you leave for our session. If you live more than 20 minutes away, you may want to wait and feed the baby when you get here. Either way, please plan on bringing extra milk in a bottle with you. Newborn sessions tend to make babies hungry. There will be plenty of time to feed, if necessary!


What do I wear?

For any family members being photographed, I recommend a simple white or cream t-shirt or tank top/camisole. For younger siblings they can wear a light colored shirt or simple plain dress, or for boys they can go shirtless while holding the baby for a beautiful photo.   Keep in mind that I rarely show anything below the waist in a portrait.  So you can wear shorts, jeans, or whatever else you choose. Being comfortable is key!

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Say cheese

I will photograph family and siblings first, then move on to baby alone. Please only bring those who are to be photographed to the studio. If you are bringing siblings to be photographed with your newborn, I recommend bringing someone who can watch them while the baby is being photographed.  At that time, it often works well if dad, grandma, or a sitter takes the older children home or on a walk while we finish the session. I have a playroom that your little one is more than welcome to play in with another adult. 

Newborns photograph beautifully while sleeping. In order to get those perfect sleepy newborn shots, the studio is often heated to 80 degrees during the session and we use space heaters, heating pads, blankets, and noise machines to get your baby into that happy, sleepy state.

Please know that there is no rush with a newborn session. I like to give special attention to each client, especially newborn sessions. Most newborn sessions last about 2-3 hours, but they can go as long as 4.  I do not mind waiting for you to feed or change baby, or taking a break to soothe your baby.  We are in no rush!