It’s an overwhelming, emotional, and completely euphoric time for you!  A brand new little life is about to enter the world! Sometimes uncharted territory can be a little scary and with a newborn portrait session coming up, you may be feeling confused about what you need to do to get ready.  Here are some helpful tips to make sure our time together goes smoothly.  Please be sure to follow the tips as closely as you can and I am always here to answer any questions you may have!


When I arrive I bring A LOT of things! If dad wants to help me bring it all in, I would greatly appreciate it! I like to set up in a bedroom. This way I can close the door to keep the heat in. I will bring a space heater and crank it up. Babies cannot regulate their temperature like you and I. So, I like to keep them warm and cozy. 

Newborn sessions typically last 2.5 to 4 hours depending on how well your little one sleeps. This allows plenty of time for comforting, feeding, changing and clean up. The comfort of your baby is the most important and if they need to eat during our session that is completely fine. Please do not rush on my account! 

Please feel free to sit back and relax while I work my magic. I may need your help holding your baby in a certain position, but other than that, please take a breather. You deserve it!  I've got all the patience in the world when I'm working with your little one.

I would love to know what colors you prefer. I have a portable studio and bring all props, blankets, hats, and headbands to you. Almost everything you see in my images on this site are mine. If you see something that you like, I'd love to know so I can bring it along.  Do you have something of your own you'd like to use? Let me know!!

Be on the lookout for a more detailed idea of WHAT TO EXPECT and HOW TO PREPARE in your inbox right before your due date!



Newborn Sessions are different from typical family photo sessions in regards to wardrobe!

I suggest your wear something simple-jeans and a solid shirt. Nothing frilly or with pattern.  This way your new bundle of joy is the center of attention in the photos. I love the way plain white or off white clothes look in images. Another idea is to wear Pink or Blue, according to your little one's gender. ! Many  newborn images you print will go into the baby's nursery, you might think about choosing colors that coordinate with those colors. This way your little one remains the focus.

Keep in mind I use a space heater and ask that you make your home warm prior to my arrival. This helps keep baby sleepy. :)

BE COMFORTABLE. If you are comfy in your clothes, it'll show on your face and in the photos. 

Feel free to check out my PINTEREST STYLE BOARD for more ideas.



The balance is due in full on or before your session date. You can pay via cash or check mailed to my home address. You can also pay directly from this website. It is fast and secure. Click on the link below to go to my payment page:




All sales are final. Due to the nature of digital photography and the fact that photographs, once sent, cannot be returned; Ginny O. Photography has a strict no refunds policy.


I am primarily a natural light photographer, which means my images have a natural look to them. Editing is used to finish off the images, not manipulate or change them. I offer basic editing which includes adjustments such as enhanced colors, contrast, white balance, sharpen, noise reduction, cropping, and light blemish removal.


The images are the property of Ginny O. Photography of Richmond, Virginia. As such, Ginny O. Photography reserves the right to display any photographs as samples of her work. Please direct your friends and family members to your gallery for their viewing and purchasing pleasure. Please give Ginny O. Photography credit when posting my images online, including Facebook. No alterations to the images are permitted.