How to Prepare...

One of the questions I get asked the most is "What do I wear?". Trying to find outfits for a session can be challenging. But, have no fear!! I have come up with some great tips to help you in your search!


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All about you

First and foremost, if you have a maternity session, you want to take time and pamper yourself!  Make sure your hair, makeup and nails are done.  Especially the nails as your hands are going to be in a LOT of shots.  Now that doesn’t mean you need a manicure with polish - just neat, clean and trim. 

Go to a makeup counter at the mall and have them do a makeup application.  Or take the time to do it yourself.  Take extra time to actually style your hair.  At a maternity session, YOU are the star so make sure your look matches that!   

Now for the clothes...


Accentuate the BUMP

That is what it is all about, right?! I highly recommend choosing your outfit FIRST. It is always easier to find coordinating pieces for everyone else after.

In terms of fit, I always advise tighter fitting clothes.  I personally feel that a pregnant woman is one of the most beautiful things in this world.  You are full of curves and life – show them off!!  Although the current trend in clothes leans towards trapeze dresses, swing dresses, etc, I would shy away from that. When photographed, the extra fabric just hangs and can bunch oddly.  One major trend right now is sweater dresses, leggings, tunics etc.  GO FOR IT!!  Super, super cute when you have a belly. 

One major key with maternity sessions is to provide a visible separation between boob and belly.  Otherwise, as any pregnant woman can tell you, you become one slope from neck to belly button.  Not horrible, but not great for photos.  You want that visual break.  This can be achieved with your hand placements during the shoot (which I will gladly help with during our session) and with your clothing choices.  

General “don’t”s – large prints are a no-no.  Avoid super voluminous dresses and tops.  Try and avoid super slinky materials that will show every bulge.

Can you see how the images on the LEFT enhance your belly, while the images on the right just drape right over.

All of these pieces of clothing are beautiful, but not all are the best options for photos!

Clothing above can be found at


Some other great places to shop for maternity clothes are listed below:

              Asos        Gap      Ann Taylor LOFT         


Old Navy      Nordstrom



Start with your base layer of clothing – your solid colored dress, a solid colored top and jeans and then add layers of texture and accessories. Add a textured short jacket or blazer, add a floral scarf, add a chunky necklace and bracelets or a headband. Don’t forget to pay attention to your feet. A cute pair of shoes can make the outfit but it may be appropriate to go barefoot depending on your location.

Here are few great places to shop for accessories:

Stella & Dot      Francesca's     


 Asos            Ann Taylor LOFT



Hubby's and Siblings

If your “significant other” is going to be amazing enough to take some beautiful photos with you, think about wearing complimentary colors or colors in the same color palette. Choose the color palette you love and then start raiding your closet to look for items you already have that fit in that color scheme. Another tip: If you have a favorite piece of clothing that you know you want to build your outfit around go to Design Seeds and search color palettes using that color as the base color – for example: you have a beautiful coral maxi dress you know you want to wear but you are not sure what other colors to use to accessorize. Set coral as your search color on design seeds and see what palettes come up. You may not have thought that a dark blue would go well and your husband has a dark blue shirt, you add a dark blue scarf and bam! You are coordinated and look amazing.