Wesley {Fresh 48}

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They waited nine long months for his arrival! If there was ever anyone who I knew from the moment I met her that was born to be a momma, it is Riian. After she met Christian, it was like the pieces of the puzzle were complete!

When I found out they were expecting, I was elated! I knew I wanted to be there to document this special time for them. I remember being in the hospital with my two little girls like it was yesterday. That time when your baby is so tiny, fresh, and new. It is, as if, time stands still. There is nothing else that matters in the world. Life is complete and everything you thought was important seems a distant memory. The only thing you can focus on are those ten little fingers and ten little toes! 

I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to freeze such a magical moment for Riian and Christian! Wesley, you are loved beyond measure!

I cannot wait to do many more Fresh 48 Sessions for my clients!

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