Mom, mommy, momma, Grandma Chessie, Chessie, Chesley. My mom has many names, many titles. Titles of high distinction, respect, and love when said by those who know her. They are names that have been earned through a lifetime of living, loving, growing, and changing! I know that MOM was once her favorite, but now, its the name that her five grandchildren call her...CHESSIE.

They say you never truly appreciate what it is like to be a mother until you become one yourself. Never have truer words been spoken. I came into the journey of motherhood with the best kind of mentor. One that  gives of her whole heart over, and over, and over until she has no more to give, then digs a bit deeper, and there it is.  One who was present for every softball and volleyball game, every dance recital, and every broken heart along the way. Giving her wisdom and guidance, yet letting me make the final call.  One who made sure we had the best of everything, yet making sure it was everything all the time. And, one who was there for her family no matter what. 

The "no matter what" part of her has come into play many times in my life.  As all of us do, we have hard times. Times when life is trying, tough, and downright cruel. That is when you need your family the most. That is when I needed HER the most.

My family and I went through a scary time this year where there were many tears, what ifs, and unanswered questions. I had to call on my family to "no matter what". To drop, dogs, home life, sleeping in your own big bed, peace and quiet, retired life. EVERYTHING! And, of course, without hesitation, the answer was yes. Yes, we're coming!

This is a mother's day post, but I cannot write this without saying "they". THEY came! My mom, dad, and sister, and friends (framily). THEY did it ALL. They took over where I couldn't, never hesitated or quivered, and I am eternally grateful.

I read an article by Glennon Doyle on her Momastery blog today that struck me, pulled me in, tugged at my heart.  It was as if she was writing to me. Saying, Ginny, this is for you.

 She wrote,  "They will answer the phone. They will start packing. They will know that when your people are hurting, you go. You show up. Again and again forever. That is family. That is love. That is your legacy. Your legacy is that none of your people will be alone. Not ever. Because you made that rule for us, and then you lived it. We just don’t know any different."

 Immediately I thought of MY parents, MY family...especially my mom. Your mom is the one you need when you are sick, when you need a hug, when you need someone to just sit in the room with you because you need someone to just be there. And, she always is.


Thank you for the love you tirelessly give.

I only hope I can pass on your legacy of loving on to my own children as they grow!

I love you to the moon and back. Happy Mother's Day!!