Holliday {newborn}

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I was over the moon when Carlene called me for a newborn session. Having met this wonderful family at their mini session last fall, I knew it would be so fun seeing them again!

Holliday made an early entrance into the world and was welcomed with lots of love. At only 6 days old, she was a little angel during our session. Her big brother, Jackson, was as sweet and gentle as can be!

We were even able to get a few images of Holliday and her cousin, Merritt. You might recognize her from her newborn session about four weeks prior!  I have a feeling these two are going to have so much fun growing up together!

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How gorgeous is her mommy!

How gorgeous is her mommy!

LOVE baby smiles

LOVE baby smiles

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Ginny Oosthuizen

Ginny O. Photography, Richmond, Virginia