Gus Turns One

Gus, Gusman, Gus Gus! This guy has many nicknames in our house. Whatever you call him, I call him cute!

We had talked about getting a dog many, many times. Marian loves dogs and was always talking about getting one. So, one weekend I sat down and researched where to adopt dogs. I came across several different sites (and even a few scams-SO sad). Not thinking it would happen any time soon, I stumbled upon a picture of this squishy, little puppy in a big crate. My heart just stopped and I immediately showed Bartlo the picture.

So, you know how to story goes...I called and we met that evening in a school parking lot to see if we wanted him. On our way there, we stopped at Target to get a leash, dogfood, dog bed, etc... I mean, come on, we knew we were taking this guy home! 

He dashed out of the car like a bull in a china shop. We spoke with the previous owner about the breeder he purchased him from, what he eats, how often to let him out -all the important facts. I asked what they had named him. Back up about five hours after we agreed to meet him. We were sitting around the kitchen table talking about names (like I said, we KNEW we'd take him home). Bartlo and I threw out several names and "Gus" was the one that we both liked. Nothing was set in stone, until (fast forward to the parking lot convo) the owner said his name was "Augustus".  Yep! Bartlo and I looked at each other and just laughed. It was meant to be! Gus Gus was ours! We looked at the girls and said, "OK, let's go home." Considering they had NO IDEA why we were there, they were a bit confused. Many squeals, hugs, and kisses later, we were in the car on the way with our new little guy. 

Gus was a HANDFUL (understatement of the year) the first few weeks we had him and I am not going to lie that the thought "what have we done" crossed my mind several times. But, the girls were obsessed and how can you resist that face. We decided to get some help with our "bull" and looked to Impawsible Pups to help. Gus went to school all day for four weeks and it was the best investment we ever made.

Now dont get me wrong, he eats our shrubs, tears Barbies to pieces, will wait patiently for the girls to walk away from their food and then devour it. He has eaten the siding on our house and the Direct TV cord attached to our deck. We've had our fair share of "Marley and Me" moments.

With all that said, he has the kindest heart and tries SO hard. He doesnt talk back or sass me, loves to sit on the couch while I edit pictures, lets the girls pull and tug on him, and makes us smile and laugh everyday. 

It is hard to believe how much he has changed from the day we got him. We love you, Gus Gus!


3 months old

4 months old

One year

One year

The underbite kills me 

Ginny Oosthuizen

Ginny O. Photography, Richmond, Virginia