New year, new goals...

Looking back at 2013, I cannot believe all that has happened.  It has been a year of learning, loving, creating, learning, dreaming, traveling, learning. You get the idea!

I started my photography journey just taking candids of my adorable niece, Ava Gray.  I NEVER imagined it would have led me here...owning my own business.  Not only owning my own business, but having it be so successful in the first year. I have been completely overwhelmed with the response I've received. I cannot even begin to explain the joy it brings me to provide lasting memories for so many families. I cant wait to see what 2014 will bring!


Here are some of my goals for the new year:

*participate in a mentoring session (or 2)

*purchase a 85mm lens

*purchase a flash for my camera and learn how to use it properly

*hold mini sessions in Lynchburg and Northern Virginia

*learn more about Photoshop and Lightroom

*find other ways to meet photographers and network

*leave one entire weekend open per month to be with my family

*no work emails after 6 (this will be hard)

*learn to say NO and realize I cannot do it ALL

*put my phone away and live in the moment


It is my hope that in writing these goals down and putting them out there for all the world to see, there will be more motivation to make it all happen. Here's to positive thinking and dreaming BIG in 2014!


Happy New Year's, y'all!!