Landon & Spencer

Landon and Spencer are our very dear friends, Lindsey and John's, kiddos. This family holds a very special place in my heart. They were the first family I took pictures of as I was starting my new business.  This time around it was just the kiddos and we had a fun afternoon exploring Tuckahoe Plantation.  Landon is almost four years old and is the sweetest little boy. He was picking flowers for me and telling me all about his preschool. Spencer is one and a half and ball of energy. I dont think she sat down in one spot for more than one minute.  She is so full of life and smiles! 

Thank you, Leeths! I love watching your family grow!!! 


I love his one eye peeking out in this one.

Isn't the scenery beautiful?!

She is gorgeous

We ended our session with lollipops. Yummy!

Ginny Oosthuizen

Ginny O. Photography, Richmond, Virginia