The Farley Family

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Well, there is no doubt that spring has sprung in Virginia. The weather is gorgeous (except for the occasional rainshower) and everything is lush and green.  It was no different on the afternoon I spent with the Kris, Jessica, and Cam at Crump Park.  This cute little fellow is about to turn two years old and his parents wanted some pictures to capture him at this fun age.  He kept us on our toes doing all the things boys love to do - chasing us through the park, throwing dirt, playing with balloons, riding bikes, and investigating the animals at the park.

Like most toddlers I shoot, he was very shy at first, but soon opened up. By the end of our session I was calling him "Cam the Ham".   :)

Cam-you are a sweetheart! I'm already a sucker for curly hair, but that little grin of his did me in.  What a fun afternoon!


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Ginny Oosthuizen

Ginny O. Photography, Richmond, Virginia