What does the "o" stand for? {personal}

Image by Katie Wilson Photography

I get this question ALOT!  What does that o. stand for?

It stands for Oosthuizen.  Let me break it down for you   oooo-sti-zen.  Easy, right? After college, I taught first grade.  I knew there was no way the kiddos (or parents) would be able to say my name properly. So, I just shortened it. I was Mrs. O!

I figured the same would be true when trying to decided what to name my business. I knew I wanted my name, but thought, if people cannot pronounce it, they are certainly not going to contact me for sessions. Once again, I shortened it!

Oosthuizen is a dutch name that means East (oos) of the House (huizen). Most of you that know me well, know that my hubby is from South Africa. He grew up in Cape Town until he was 18 and came to America to attend college.  We met and the rest of history!  He still likes to joke and tell me it was all for the green card, but almost 13 years later we are still going strong. Nice try, honey!!

His entire family still remains in Cape Town.  We do not get to see them nearly as much as we'd like.  BUT...

As you are reading this, my family and I heading to the airport. In just a few short hours, we will be sitting on a huge plane crossing the Atlantic on our way to visit them.   20 hours on a plane. Yes...you read that correctly TWENTY!!  Patience is a virtue...Patience is a virtue! (on repeat in my head).  I feel so blessed we have the opportunity to show our girls how beautiful and diverse the world is.

My camera is packed and I cannot wait to get back and share our adventures with all of you!



A view of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

Photo taken by my father in law, Leon Oosthuizen